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Pentair Lil Rebel Suction Cleaner
Pentair Lil Rebel Suction Cleaner
Item ID: 360450
Brand: Pentair



Meet the ‘Lil Rebel suction-side cleaner for aboveground pools, the latest member of Pentair’s Rebel Cleaner family! Created specifically for aboveground pools, this automatic, suction-side, two-wheeled cleaner is the ideal size for the pumping capabilities and design of these pools. And, since it can reach tight spots other cleaners might miss, the ‘Lil Rebel gets rid of stubborn dirt and debris for a clean you can see and feel.


  • Two-wheeled maneuverability tackles more dirt and debris and provides superior coverage
  • Compact design handles tight corners and 90° angles
  • Dual-action roller skirt easily maneuvers over and around obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning
  • Sure-Flow Turbine enables clear passage for dirt and debris

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Pentair Lil Rebel Su